The Branscomb Family Web Site

The Branscomb family regrets to convey news of the death of Dr. Lewis McAdory Branscomb on May 31, 2023. The establishment of this web site is intended to encourage dialog and research in the general field of science, information technology and public policy. It encourages exploration of the ways science, technology, law, and both public and private institutions might better serve the interests of humanity, sustaining our system of democratic governance, and the preservation of our fragile planet. The focus is on public policy with emphasis on two main areas: information, computer and communications law and policy and fostering the contribution of research, innovation, and technical knowledge for economic equity,  social development and democratic governance.

The site makes available the past and recent contributions in these areas of the two founders of the site- the late Anne Wells Branscomb (law of cyberspace) and the late Lewis M. Branscomb (science and innovation policy). It also looks forward to new issues and new thinking about them and invites comments and contributions of other ideas, other work and other sites. Click on Lewis M. Branscomb and you will find power point presentations on current topics of interest, information about workshops and conferences, and links to other sites of interest.

Friends and family will find password-protected information of a more personal nature, including select photographs of family members and of travels to some very interesting parts of the world.

The site may also be used as a workspace for certain works in progress, involving collaboration with colleagues in other parts of the US and the world. These sites may also be password protected.

Information is also availabe about The Branscomb Family Foundation (BFF), a modest 501 c 3, non-profit Colorado corporation funded by gifts, initially from Lewis M. and Anne W. Branscomb. Since the death of Anne Wells Branscomb and Lewis M. Branscomb the officers are Harvie Branscomb, President, KC Branscomb, Vice President and Treasurer, Yayoi Wakabayashi and Clara Kelley. The BFF contributes primarily to specific institutions furthering education, research, and learning. For additional information click on BFF.